Friday, 6 January 2012

Kardashians Rumored to Launch Their Own Magazine

Kim Kardashian
Just when it looked like the Kardashian media takeover had begun to slower down, speculations have begun to flow that the First Family of reality television is preparing to release their own magazine. They must have realized if their lives were going to fill the pages of tabloids, they might as well be making a profit from it. You can never accuse the Kardashians of lacking ambition.

According to Page Six, the Kardashian magazine is coming close to completion and a deal with American Media, Inc. is waiting. Sources say mom-ager Kris Jenner will not be the reigning Editor-In-Chief and that the girls will be seriously concerned in the editorial phase. Wait, is it April Fool's Day? Those “facts” must be jokes.

To make matters more entertaining, American Media, Inc. owns Star Magazine - the same Star Magazine that the Kardashian’s are at present suing for libel over the child labor scandal. Irony at its finest? Trying to beginning your own magazine with the same publisher that you're suing isn't a good look.

So what type of publication (besides irritating and over saturating the world) will the Kardashian publication be? According to sources, the magazine will be more like a ‘fanzine’ for the family with a variety of members being able to tell their sides of media stories (Kim’s 72 day marriage stories, perhaps?).

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