Sunday, 1 January 2012

Paramore matching wrist tattoos

Paramore matching wrist tattoos
Paramore matching wrist tattoos
Paramore Band Members Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy have all gotten matching tattoos. The matching tattoo of paramore band shows the Unity of the band. The tattoo designs that paramore members got is a black block, with three strips in it. This tattoo was the Hayley’s sixth tattoo. I will also post other tattoo designs of paramore too. 

They said that these tattoo designs screwed them if they will add another member to the band because these three bards show the three member’s o the band. Well that’s a joke; don’t take it serious, Taylor said “I think the goal right now is just too really focus on the three of us.”

In my next post I’ll posts other tattoo of the paramore member, other six tattoo of Hayley and also find out the tattoos of Taylor, and Jeremy. Subscribe for other tattoo designs here. What do you think about this paramore Wrist tattoo designs, show in comments.

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