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David Beckham Angel Body Tattoo

David Beckham Angel Body Tattoo
David Beckham Angel Body Tattoo
David Beckham got the angel tattoo on his back. The footballer DAVID BECHKHAM tattoo gives an astonishing site.  The tattoo is perfect but something that is missing from the tattoo is the foot-long figure. This was said by the best celebrity tattoo artist or tattooist LOUIS MALLOY

The tattooist Louis Malloy worked hand-in-hand with Posh and Becks to come up with the angel’s exclusive Art Deco design. The designs on the back of the Beckham body is designed with a set of long fine feather, but while getting that tattoo David decided it would look too cluttered and settled for a clipped angel with outstretching arms.

Louis Malloy is famous for tattooing the designs of different famous celebrities and he also did the tattoos of many other players from Manchester united. He spend a long time the designing of that tattoo design, he owns Middleton Tattoo Studio in Manchester.  Recently he did an ornamental dagger on All Saint Natalie Appleton’s back and tattooedStamina” on her actor-boyfriend Jonny Lee Millers arm. 

David Beckham also has other tattoo designs on his arms and other parts of body too.  Louis spends a research of two weeks for the selection of the right tattoo designs according to the bald looks of the famous celebrity David Beckham. “Most angels are drawn from odd angles, so there wasn’t much in the way of orientation material”, explains Louis.

David want a different kind of tattoo, he wants to look it like a figure diving. He wants a tattoo that represents the free spirit and don’t want to look like the Jesus tattoo. Louis said, “He was very clear about not wanting it to look like a figure on a crucifix. It’s one of the reasons the angel is bald, so it doesn’t look like Jesus”. 

Beckham was satisfied by the results when he visited the Tattoo studio with his family with wife Victoria, baby Brooklyn and the family bodyguard.  “David took one look at it and said: “Wicked!”, I was really pleased”, says Louis. “It’s not always easy to interpret someone else’s idea and we’d got it spot on”

The tattoo took hours to get completed and his wife was there and watching him when he was getting that tattoo design. He also gets his son name Brooklyn on the back with the Gothic letters just below the guardian angel tattoo on his shoulders. The guardian angel was tattooed above the Gothic Brooklyn tattoo.

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