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Selena Gomez |Fashion Icon | Get the Look

about selena gomez
Selena Gomez
Do you want to look like Selena Gomez? Well if yes then, I am here to help you out. Let me start with her famous quote. “Be yourself always, there’s no one better. Now you know the key idea, ‘that simplicity is the best” Selena’s life styles fashion is derived from her quote alone. Being herself is her wonderful treasures she possess different style of fashion statement as you can see. Selena’s a minimalist with a girly twist when it comes to her personal style. Never over accessorized, she is often photographed wearing T-shirt and jeans when hanging out with her friends and sweet dress when hit the red carpet. 
selena gomez fashion
Fashion designer Selena Gomez behind the scenes of designing at her new clothing line DREAM OUT LOUD. Inspired by her own casual cool style, Selena’s collection includes apparel hand bags, belts, scarves, hats, hair accessories, socks and hosiery. 

With fresh and bright colors, Selena sports a fun and causal look that young girls around the world can easily follow. A true girly girl, Selena Gomez is very feminine with all of her outfits. It might be her cute petite body, gorgeous facial features or lovely hairstyles that enhance her femininity, but her style is truly admirable.  Selena has more than twenty pairs of converses, her favorite style of shoes, in her closet in all sorts of colors and styles. Skinny jeans are popular so that you can find them anywhere. They go great with her love of jeans and tight leggings. This type of jeans works beautifully with her slim body and can be worn casually with sneaker or more formally, with high heels. Jeans, printed T-shirts, feminine blouses and tunics tops are all a part of Selena’s wardrobe. 

selena gomez fashion clothing
She combines baggy shirts with beautiful feminine blouses and she looks spectacular. For casual wear Selena loves her jeans. For more formal occasions Gomez fashion style transforms and leans towards elegant. Elegant short or long dresses, skirts and vaporous elegant blouses help her fashion and style stand out. Buy a guitar pick necklace. You can often find Selena supporting several rubber cord bracelets as well. You can simply buy guitar pick and make the necklace at home. 

selena gomez dressing
Use makeup lightly. Apply black eyeliner to your eyes and then apply light layer of eye shadow. Her favorite eye shadows own a hint of purple or pink to compliment her brown eyes. Dust a very light red brush with small amount of pink in it to you cheeks. Finish the look with a light coat of pink lipstick or gloss. 

Hot selena gomez clothing
Now coming toward hairs, Selena has long thick dark hairs that look great styled in many ways. It is but with long site bangs and long layers. If your hairs are straight then to get her larger wavy look, use a 1 or 1½ inch curling iron in big sections all over the head. And for her straight look, apply a protective straightening gel on your hair and straight them with iron. 

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