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Blue Eye Shadow Tips | How To Eye Makeup

Blue Eye Shadow make up
Blue Eye Shadow make up
Eye Shadow Make Up Tips:

Blue shadow eye makeup is so prominent, because of its blue color which is of course a bright and prominent makeup color. Blue shadow eye makeup will give you a positive look and when a person looks at you it surely brings attention to your eyes, but you need to do or use make up properly to get the pleasing look. Be careful and with the proper care you can drag the appearance off and fetch optimistic attention to your eyes. Blue shadow Make up is appropriate f because it easily harmonizes your skin tone or hair color.

Eye makeup is most important step of you make up, so it needs proper attention and expert hands to do it perfectly and get an ideal look. You can find different blogs or site on internet providing different make up tips on eye makeup. Collecting information from those will be surely helpful to become an expert in applying makeup. Here I am telling you about how to apply eye makeup.

Blue Eye Shadow party Make up
Blue Eye Shadow party Make up

Let’s discuss about the matching skin tone colors for different types of eye makeup. Special Blue Eye Shadow goes together with diverse skin tones and hair colors. Women with Bright or fair fair-skinned will go for transparent Blue Eye Shadow paired with neutral brown mascara. A blue-purple shadow is suggested for fair-skinned brunettes, an icy blue for redheads, a navy or icy silver-blue for those with olive facial appearance and an eggshell-blue paired with blue mascara for brown skin tones.

Blue Shadow Smokey Eye Make Up
Blue Shadow Smokey Eye Make Up

Blue Eye shadow make goes well with the day time use as well as evening parties. Using a. Full color blues paired with blue liners is best for the night or evening parties, and for daytime use go with the Eye Shadows that are semitransparent. Create a smoky eye with Blue Eye Shadow, and pair it with black mascara and black or blue eyeliner. Shadow eye make ups are best for the night time parties and evening time; they are not so good for the day time use. So here are some tips that will help you get an ideal Shadow eye makeup. Share your opinion with us in comments. 


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