Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sleepover party time

Sleepover party time
Sleepover party time
Sleepovers are not that common in Pakistan that foreign countries that are why I think when you are planning sleepovers its very difficult convincing parents, friends then friends parents, but once if sleepover goes well with the safety, than it  is ensured that you will not behaving any trouble convincing other next time. here is a list of things that you can do and enjoy the sleepovers in your vacations. 

>>>It’s easy to send out great sleepover invitations to all your friends. You can either buy great looking invitations with pictures of sleeping bags, flash lights, pajamas, fuzzy slippers look for fun clip art or coloring book pages to copy the images you want onto colorful blank cards. 

>>>I think no party is great without decorations. First, be sure to designate a large space in you home for you slumber party, by arranging furniture and other items. Provide several floor pillows, couch cushions and blankets for a comfortable “hangout” space. Convert the main party table into a bed. Use a twin sized bed sheet and a blanket. Fold the sheet back like you would when making a bed. You can add a real pillow to the head of the bed or, use a large white frosted cake as a pillow. 

Sleepover party time
Sleepover party time
>>>I think games this is the best part. There are many games that you can play are “truth and Dare” (that’s my all time favorite game) I am sure we all have played this game as its very fun filled and daring game. Second comes “Pillow Fighting”, of course it’s a great for sleepovers but if you think its babyish then you can always skip it. Next time  “makeovers and dress ups: can be fun to make a slumber party way to great just get huddled in front of the mirror, be creative and do it all. Do not forget to take the pictures! Scavenger Hunt is also a fun game but more popular between children hide any object gives clues and watch them struggle over to find the object. Do not forget to give the rewards. 

>>>Now comes the turn of choosing food. You can choose any food you like but pizzas, burgers, Spaghetti, popcorns, soft drinks; fruit juices can bring a real delight. For desserts ice cream, sundaes, candies, chocolate and puddings also work. 

>>>coming to an end in this part you can do whatever you like most playing guessing games in the dark or have fun whispering. Watching a comedy movie I also a cool ideas, but caution do not watch any horror movie else you might not be able to sleep properly, and there are more chances that for the next time you wont get permission for sleep over. You can also have some hot chocolate milk before sleeping. Later in the morning give your friends a good breakfast of anything they prefer and give a hearty good bye with some good bags. Enjoy!

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