Monday, 26 December 2011

Do you love your hair?

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Do you love your hair? Well I do and I hope that do to! Most of the people think that shampooing and washing our hair everyday is the best thing we can do ever to our hair. But what I think so is that it doesn’t make any sense. In fact shampooing them every day will make them weaker and weaker day by day. The next thing that affects you hair is the straightening and rolling of your hairs. These two things make them worse. There are many brands that promise to give best results but I am sure that they are not affective at all. They will give your hair long term damages and hence you will start loosing your hair. 
Now Ill tell you some tips that are good for your hair makes them strong, long, and makes them shine for a longer period of time. The best gift you can give to your hairs is oiling for some duration. Olive oil is the best oil that will make your hairs stronger and shinier. I hear many excuses about the olive oil, like it’s too oily, I have to put it will me hands. People consider oiling there hair for many days but it’s not good for them too. You can oil your hair for 8 to 12 hours or extent this time up to 24 hours so that it will easily absorb in roots. After that period of time wash them. Don’t ever use gel on hairs as they will block our hair roots and they will drop like snowflakes whenever we comb.

So these are the simple steps, don’t use shampoo daily, give oil to hair roots regularly once a week, and don’t use the hair cosmetics like gels. They will damage you hairs and make them very weak. In some cases using gel will make you hair white before the age. So avoid this thing as much as possible. Share this one will you friends and relatives. Take care and tell other to do so. As you may not end like bold people.

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